Why me?

I have gathered 10+ years’ worth of quality feedback from top execs in the business, and learnt:

  • What made a candidate shine and make a killer impression at an interview
  • What made a very experienced candidate look incompetent and weak compared with a far less experienced candidate
  • What made a candidate deliver a consistent, strong performance throughout the entire interview
  • What made a candidate appear strong initially but then completely blow their chances to be on the shortlist
  • What made a Hiring Manager willing to take a risk and hire despite concerns
  • What made a Hiring Manager totally unwilling to move to interview despite candidate appearing “on paper” like a perfect match!

The list goes on and on

Those insights can be fascinating, but you’d be surprised to learn how much can be achieved (or overcome!) with an informed approach, solid preparation, and with calmed nerves. I am here to help you with all this!

I am excited to work with motivated individuals looking to improve their confidence, and willing to take necessary steps to make bigger impact during interviews.

Am I the right person for you?

Take the quiz (no cheating)

  • You believe you have strong experience (and you do) but you struggle to define strong arguments and qualify your professional accomplishments
  • You dream about working in tech but you feel you (may) lack relevant industry knowledge to position yourself competitively on the market
  • You want to stand out (you believe you can) but you are unsure how to differentiate yourself from other strong candidates out there
  • You are great at what you do and you get all the credit for it at work but you simply can’t sell it at an interview
  • You got rejected from processes you invested a lot of time into but you never really received quality feedback and you want to understand how to improve your chances of success
  • You are going for a promotional move (internal or external) and all eyes are on the prize – you want to smash it and really make an impact, but how?
  • You want to progress/ change career and need an insight into what technology companies look for in a top candidate, and how do they actually approach interviewing
  • You are accomplished and self-aware but you tend to get very nervous during interviews and you always feel you could have done much better
  • You want to strengthen your professional brand (confidence, self – presentation, LinkedIn presence)
  • You are comfortable interviewing but really unsure how to create a top-notch LinkedIn profile that will attract recruiters/ Hiring Managers
  • You have a CV but you do need to spice it up and update it to make sure it grabs attention of Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Did you get a Yes? We should be talking.

Did you get two or three Yes’s? It’s a no-brainer.