SOS Interview Preparation

“Express” SOS Interview Preparation

This is a last minute, SOS, “emergency” option, approximately 1 hour

I never recommend you find yourself in a “last minute” situation – but I am here for you depending on notice you give me.

Based on preference and availability, this option can be scheduled as a video call or regular phone call.

What’s covered?

  • Every option includes a free consultation call – Let’s jump on the phone and I will be delighted to speak with you and introduce myself
  • We will discuss your upcoming interview, address any of your concerns and plan the call depending on your needs – this is your opportunity to calm your nerves, get reassurance, ask any interview – related questions as well as practice, practice, practice! We can agree to run this as a mock interview where I ask you questions, then give you feedback and pointers towards the end of the call, or you use this hour as a check-list to run anything past me before your big day! You design this session and I am …here2coach 😊
  • You can expect some solid tips, do’s and don’ts, and a serious confidence boost. I often found that candidates struggled to find someone they could run their prep past, or simply even tell they are going for an interview, let alone practice. Yet we all need a cheerleader (I will be delighted to be yours!) It can work wonders, my experience and feedback from candidates proves it!

Cost: €90