Interview Coaching Session

My “Signature” Interview Coaching Session

This is my signature 1 to 1 session, lasting 2 hours.

This is not a standard interview preparation – I am sharing with you insights from “behind the scenes” in terms of how the recruiting function works and what’s considered when decisions are being made.

All sessions are scheduled online via Google Meet.

What’s covered?

  • Every option includes a free consultation call – we need to feel a good connection to have best work results.
  • We will discuss your specific needs and/or areas of concern prior to the session so that you get maximum value out of the time together.

Here is a suggested list of areas most clients benefit from:

  • “Mandatory homework” – necessary research before you interview – stuff you should absolutely know
  • Competency based approach to interviewing (most common)
  • Your interview style – establishing strong presence and rapport in the room/ on the phone/ video call
  • Questions you should consider asking / should not be asking
  • How to tackle challenging/ totally unexpected questions
  • How to fine-tune your prep for a specific role you are interviewing for
  • Story-telling skills – most impactful at interviews
  • How to leave a memorable impression on the interviewer
  • Body language – key pointers (hugely important)
  • Practice – sample mock interview

You are encouraged/ welcome to take notes but write-up notes with key points will be emailed to you after the session.

Chat with me before committing and you will get a taste of what it looks like!

Cost: €250