LinkedIn Deep Dive

LinkedIn Profile – Deep Dive

Understand the power of a strong LinkedIn Profile and create an irresistible profile for yourself, boosting your profile views and chances of being approached (approx. 1 hour)

Please note – this is a robust session with a heavy focus on educating you on how Recruiters source, identify profiles, and what Hiring Managers pay attention to. There is much more to this session than simply creating content – you will understand how things work “behind the scenes”.

I am hugely passionate about sharing my expertise and knowledge and go into great detail to help you understand how recruitment works.

Video call – What’s covered?

Every option includes a free consultation – we will discuss how this session can help you in your career (not just job search)

In-depth look at your LinkedIn presence. With my guidance (I have spent almost 7 years working in-house in the recruiting team @ LinkedIn) you will create a top-notch profile you will be thrilled with. We will craft content, apply your style to it and you will be familiar with all tools available to you to maintain and use your account on an ongoing basis.

We will also look at your LinkedIn presence and activity with a view to helping you strengthen your professional brand.

If you are already a LinkedIn Pro and only look for a revamped CV – I am here to support you.

This option will also require a consultation so I understand your idea of the end product + email communication to work towards the desired end result (up to 10 working days)

Please note – I do not work off templates, we will focus on your professional story and highlight your achievements to ensure your CV represents you as an “achiever” versus a “doer”.

Please consult with me regarding custom price dependant on level of work involved.