Andrew Shortt

“Aleks was my recruiter while being hired into LinkedIn back in 2015. It’s safe to say after that experience, my views on what a recruiter is and the impact they can have was completely transformed. The manner in how she coached me through the process made is feel like a partnership, rather than a transaction. The sense of transparency, fairness and security she created built an instant trust, something we all need during a life changing process like moving careers. In short, she added a much needed human element to the entire thing.

I was genuinely sad to see her leave LinkedIn, but the idea of her reaching a wider audience and coaching them in the same way she coached me, is incredibly exciting. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Andrew Shortt, Team Lead & Senior Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn Nordics

Barbara Gilleran

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Alek at LinkedIn on the Talent Acquisition Team when we were in the midst of a hyper growth phase.  Alek always had the best interest of her candidates at heart. She truly believed in them and wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to shine during the interview process. She took great care to advise and support them throughout. When it came to creating a great candidate experience, Alek was a star. There are people (too many to mention) who would attest that Alek was the best recruiter they ever had.  On top of this she’s the consummate professional, she has deep knowledge of the recruitment process and understands what hiring managers are looking for and how to best position the candidate’s she believes in to maximise their opportunity of landing the role of their dreams. Anyone seeking advice on how prepare for and navigate the interview process would do very well contacting her.”

Barbara Gilleran, Head of Learning and Development, Quantcast

Tom Newman

“Aleks and I worked in close partnership on hiring top talent for Sales Solutions business I managed at LinkedIn. Her involvement and focus on identifying top people in the industry was exceptional. Her interview techniques were spot on. Candidates coming through the process were not only skilfully pre – assessed for demanding business but also energised, and motivated for the upcoming interviews. She has a great ability to build trust with people, candidates clearly benefit from her guidance through the process”

Tom Newman, Sales Leader | Sports Fan | Lifelong Learner

Weronika Nosek

“Working with Aleksandra was the best professional decision I ever made! Her style was approachable and friendly, which made it easy for me to relax into the process. At the same time however, she really challenged me and worked extremely hard to make me into the best candidate possible. As an ex-recruiter she really knows her stuff and her insights are invaluable. I can’t recommend Aleksandra enough!”

Weronika Nosek, Salesforce Solutions Analyst at Dynatrace

Riccardo Caserini

“I had the pleasure to collaborate with Aleksandra while hiring some new colleagues for LinkedIn. Her support is very tangible, in terms of deep pre-assessment preparation, skills analysis and culture-fit evaluation. Above all, Aleksandra was always ‘spot on’, punctual and has a nice attitude that made it a real pleasure to work with her.”

Riccardo Caserini, Senior Regional Manager, LinkedIn

Sherwin Wiese

“Aleks gave me one of the best experiences ever. You could really feel that she was there for you. Responded quickly, gave good advice and even kept contact after the interview process. It would be great if Corporate recruiters took her mentality as a standard.”

Sherwin Wiese, Enterprise Account Executive – Benelux, LinkedIn 

Ingo Duckerschein

“I have had the pleasure of building a team from 10 to 30 people while at LinkedIn, with Aleks as my recruiting partner. These were sales and account management roles (individual contributor and managers) across 7 offices in Europe and the Middle East. The candidates were always Incredibly well prepared because of the time that Aleks invests in understanding the business, role requirements, and what the hiring manager is looking for. For example, we had several in depth conversations about what my needs were and how the team and business had evolved before bringing new candidates into the process. I also know that Aleks spoke to members of my team to also get the perspectives of the people doing the job already. After each round of interviews we would then do a thorough debrief before going on to the next stage. All of this allowed Aleks to give the candidates feedback on how to prepare for the next round.

My recruiting partnership with Aleks was the most successful recruiting stretch that I ever had in my career. We build a great team and I know that everyone whom we hired into LinkedIn was appreciative and grateful of Aleks’s efforts to help them be successful in the recruitment process.”

Ingo Duckerschein, Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Taboola

Dennis Lam

“Aleks is the best recruiter I’ve had the pleasure to be in a process with and I can say that confidently. What stands out is how she makes you feel – which is safe, informed and that she’s on your team. She does it by ensuring that you are always in the loop, keeping close contact with you through the entire process and coaching you on what’s important for each round. At first, it felt strange to be treated this way, but I soon realized that she was showing what best-in-class means and setting the bar high for how to treat others. I will always recommend Aleks because she helped me shape my career to a success.”

Dennis Lam, Team Lead, Senior Customer Success Manager – Global Accounts (APAC)

Thomas Cockrell

“Aleks was my recruiting partner at a time when I was doing massive hiring in the highly competitive tech space in Dublin. Aleks understands the market and most importantly understands the critical alignment of business need, applicant skills, and personal connection required to make a successful hire. I could always count on her not only to find and cultivate great candidates, but also ensure that those candidates were treated with integrity and well-prepared for strenuous interview cycles. She was priceless.”

Thomas Cockrell, EMEA Sales Operations Lead, Airbnb