I’m Aleksandra, your Interview Coach, and a true LinkedIn Enthusiast.

I have recruited hundreds of candidates into World’s most successful online Technology Companies.

PayPal, eBay, Google, LinkedIn – familiar with any of these? 😉

My recruitment experience spans over a decade where I have been so fortunate to be part of world-class teams hiring the best Talent globally!
Leading recruitment processes internationally, I hired into offices in Ireland, UK, UAE, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain, and helped run recruitment projects in LATAM and APAC.

My specialty is both Individual Contributor and People Management roles.
Every step of my career was different but had one thing in common: hyper-growth, and one constant: change!

I have built strong partnerships with exceptionally successful and inspirational leaders, demanding excellence from their teams, and from candidates.

I am so excited to leverage my experience, knowledge and insights to help you on your journey to success!

Let’s work together to get you closer to your dream opportunities!

Examples of business areas I have recruited and specialised in

  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Ad Operations
  • Technical support
  • Online/ Digital Media
  • Media Solutions
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Customer Success
  • Video Editing
  • People Management
  • Leadership

More about me

Candidate experience has always been “my baby”. I enjoyed hitting recruiting targets (and oh boy, hyper-growth does come with some!) but have always seen it as somewhat a “by-product” of my passion for helping people.

The best moments of my career have always been people moments, seeing people succeed. The most enjoyable part of my day – making that phone call with an offer, but some of the most rewarding moments were in fact feedback conversations where I had an opportunity to make a difference. There is something incredibly encouraging and refreshing in dealing with a person open to feedback. There is so much room for a good conversation, reflection, and learning.

One of the quirkiest and funniest moments in my early career was on the phone with a candidate telling me a bit about their background – that they came originally from a very small town, decided to move to a bigger city, then moved abroad solo at a very young age and worked for a well – known global brand… I was so impressed and a little envious, and then the “a-ha” moment came… hang on a minute, that IS me, I am that person too?!

I am a huge LinkedIn enthusiast and could not believe more in the power of the tool – I have been on both spectrums of the communication and loved sourcing and reaching candidates via LinkedIn – it started so many career transformations, partnerships, often friendships! The one message I cherish most, however, was the one sent to me, from LinkedIn, to work… at LinkedIn!

After incredible 6+ years with LinkedIn I decided to hit pause on my career and become a full-time mum.  In other words, I accepted the toughest job ever (no previous training provided!). It has been a roller-coaster – we have built unforgettable memories!

I have also traveled to several countries, become a decent cook, sung jazz on stage and let my creativity flow in many different directions.

My passion for helping people succeed is my purpose.

Even more about me?

  1. Definitely a foodie. I live to eat (not the opposite)
  2. Huge music fan. It literally allows me to travel in time. Long – lasting fascinations: Pearl Jam, Sigur Ros, Tori Amos.. recent discovery: Sharon Van Etten
  3. Together with my husband, we are raising our children tri-lingually. 3 languages spoken at dinner table simultaneously, every day. Total mayhem, but it works!
  4. I love photography. People and nature (OK, and some food too).
  5. If it wasn’t recruitment…it would have been photography, undoubtedly.
  6. Although I have huge passion and interest in people, definitely an introvert.

Ask me any questions about the above – I will be beaming, and we will easily break the ice.