Have you ever considered getting in touch with an Interview Coach?

With a practical plan and a dose of inspiration, I can help you deliver your best performance on your upcoming interview!

You can expect to gain insight into what technology companies are looking for in a “great candidate” and have a solid action plan – from tailoring your message to the role you are interviewing for, to helping you navigate through the world of assessments. If you look great “on paper”, but you do not carry this to the interview room, you will be hitting a wall, over and over again.

This is where I come in. With vast experience from top tech players globally, and huge passion for creating tangible change, you will benefit from my insights, my enthusiasm and my focus on helping you become a better professional.


Who I Work With

I’m Aleksandra Durand-Mac, your Interview Coach, and LinkedIn Enthusiast

I have recruited hundreds of candidates into World’s most successful online Technology Companies.


Examples of business areas I have recruited and specialised in

  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Ad Operations
  • Technical support
  • Online/ Digital Media
  • Media Solutions
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Customer Success
  • Video Editing
  • People Management & Leadership

What is Interview Coaching?

Interview coaching is not an expense before one high-stake meeting, it’s an investment in yourself before many high-stake meetings.

It’s your opportunity to become more self-aware, to communicate with more impact, to increase your confidence. You are very likely to reap results of that in another context, not just an interview. Picture yourself in that sales talk last month where you wish you had been more succinct and to the point with the client. Think of that missed cross-functional project talk with your boss when you were told you do not come across positive enough in the office.
There is a plenitude of professional and social situations that call for those same skills that make you stand out in a job interview.

There will be a lot of listening in my 1-to-1 sessions, with many opportunities for you to pause and reflect. I will create a safe environment so you feel comfortable to discuss things that may be challenging to talk about. If we decide to run a mock interview, you will receive honest feedback with validation and specific points you can work on to improve.
I will work with you with the same laser focus I have applied when pre-selecting each and every candidate entering rigorous, thorough interview process to join some of the most successful technology companies in the World (PayPal, Google, LinkedIn).
Please see the Services tab for specific type of sessions – I hope you will find one that fits your needs, otherwise please contact me to chat about how I can support you.

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