1 to 1 Interview Coaching+

My “Ultimate” Interview Coaching Session

This is my ultimate 1 to 1 coaching session, lasting approximately 2.5 hours. It includes your LinkedIn profile review & revamp and CV review/ recommendations.

Depending on your preference and availability, we can work via video call, or meet in person at an agreed location.

What’s covered?

  • Content as per my “Signature” session (please see again below) including additional focus on LinkedIn profile/ CV.

Suggested list of areas clients will benefit from:

  • “Mandatory homework” – necessary research before you interview – stuff you should absolutely know
  • Competency based approach to interviewing (most common)
    Your interview style – establishing strong presence and rapport in the room/ on the phone
  • Questions you should consider asking / should not be asking
  • How to tackle challenging/ totally unexpected questions
  • How to fine – tune your prep for a specific role you are interviewing for
  • Story-telling skills – most impactful at interviews
  • How to leave a memorable impression on the interviewer
  • Body language – key pointers (hugely important)
  • Practice – sample mock interview
  • Every option includes a free consultation call – I will be happy to answer any questions you might have relating to this or any other session
  • Write-up notes with key discussion points will be emailed to you after the session, and we will remain in contact by email to finalise work on your documents
  • LinkedIn profile and CV (within 5 working days from the meeting)

Cost: €260